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Movie Review – Ladrones a Domicilio

Last night we went and saw the new Angel Muniz (Estudio Quitasueno) flick, “Ladrones a Domicilio”. It was another quite impressive Dominican movie, this one more adventurous than previous efforts such as “Macho de Mujer”, “Sanky Panky” and others…I would liken it to a “Lock, stock, 2 smoking barrels” type deal, just with some Dominican humor and flavor.


Manolo Ozuna takes the lead role as Bruno, the struggling university teacher who has been told that his daughter will not be given financial aid, refusing to send her to state university, his “compadre” finds him a job as a late night security van driver to help make ends meet. The whole deal turns out to be a setup with the owner of the security company intent on robbing the money that was in the van.

The story follows as the robbery goes wrong, the owner of the security company’s son, (Bruno’s student at the university), kidnapped and a whole load of fun happening in between including a planned trip to Puerto Rico via “yola”. The film ends with the money being shared between a senator, judge, general, chief of police and the security company owner…typical of what might happen in reality!

For me the funniest scene was when a harmless looking Haitian guy offers Bruno and the others to change a flat tire on an ambulance they had commended earlier in the film, in exchange for a lift to Higuey. Bruno thinks he’s an honest guy looking for help, instead the Haitian turns out to be Gregorio Brown (criminal profugo) and holds up Bruno and crew at gun point!

All in all great film, well worth going to see or buy the DVD when it comes out, but please buy an official one, not a bootleg! Also you’ll understand better the film if you speak Spanish as the humor doesn’t necessarily translate on the sub-titles.

Angel Muniz if you are reading this, great job! Look me up for a role in your next film!