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Beverly Hills Cop Movie Review – Starring Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, and John Aston

“Beverly Hills Cop” is a very funny murder mystery / comedy starring Eddie Murphy as Inspector Axel Foley, a former car thief turned cop. This is my favorite film starring Eddie Murphy. He does a terrific acting job in this film and his comdey routines are among his best.

The movie begins in Detroit, where Axel Foley is working as an undercover cop. He tries to bust a couple of drug dealers on his own and ends up getting mistakenly pulled over and stopped by his own department, following a huge chase involving a great deal of property damage. His boss is on the verge of firing him.

Shortly thereafter, Axel gets a visit from his old friend Mikey, who’s still involved in crime. Mikey shows Axel some untraceable German bonds he’s stolen from his new workplace in Beverly Hills, but Axel ignores him and the two go out to the bar. When they return, Axel is knocked unconscious and Mikey ends up getting killed by a hit man. Once he recovers, Axel wants to investigate the crime, but his boss won’t let him. He tells his boss he needs a vacation, which he gets, but is told that if he investigates Mikey’s murder, he can forget about coming back.

Axel drives his dilapidated 1969 Chevy Nova to Beverly Hills. He manages to get into a fancy hotel by fooling the clientelle. From the start, he suspects Mikey’s boss Victor Maitland of the murder, so he goes to his office to interrogate him, but Victor’s guards pick him up and throw him out the window. The police then come and arrest Axel, having been told that he jumped out the window. Shortly thereafter, the police learn that Axel is a cop, so they release him into their custody. Axel’s friend Jeanette comes to bail him out.

During the next few days, Axel gathers up evidence of a drug scam organized by Maitland. Inspectors Taggert and Rosewood, two Beverly Hills detectives, try to follow him, but he manages to get away from them twice, first by secretly placing a banana in their tail pipe. The second time he sneaks up on them and persuades them to join him at a strip bar, where Axel stops an armed robber.

Axel manages to meet Victor at his private club, where he threatens him and ends up getting taken away once again. Axel nearly convinces the police to investigate Victor, but the chief of police insists they escort him out of town. While Rosewood is driving him out, Axel finally convinces him to investigate Victor. They go to his warehouse along with Jeanette, where they discover a crate full of cocaine. Rosewood is waiting outside in his car when Victor and his guard Mike enter the warehouse and discover Axel and Jenny. Victor kidnaps Jeanette while Mike tortures Axel.

After several minutes, Rosewood finally enters the warehouse and saves Axel. The two then follow Victor to his mansion. Taggert soon joins up with them there. He tries to stop them, but finally agrees to help them out. Taggert and Rosewood end up hiding behind a barrier and battling it out with a group of armed guards outside the compound, while Axel looks for Victor and Mike inside. Axel finds and kills Mike. Later he finds Victor with a gun pointed at Jeanette’s head, but Axel manages to shoot him with help from Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil, who shows up at the last minute.

All ends well for Axel and Jenny. Lt. Bogomil cooks up a convincing story of how the arrest took place and writes a good report for him to send to Axel’s boss in Detroit, so he can keep his job.